• Bird feeders and nesting boxes


    Hand made nesting boxes and feeders

    We Hand make all our bird feeders and nesting boxes.

    Our bird boxes and feeders are designed for the whole range of birds, and will protect the young from all predators keeping them safe and warm in their formative days. 
    No other box on the market offers such protection and guarantees.

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  • Bird box on house wall

    Easy to install...

    Home, garden or woodland 

    The unique design of our nesting boxes and bird feeders makes it easy to install on the side of your home, or against trees and posts or anywhere else you can think of putting them.

    All our nesting boxes and feeders come with screws to fix to wall or tree.

    The larger feeders and boxes can be purchased with optional stands and posts.

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  • Bird feeder and enclosure

    Ultimate security...

    Protection from predators

    All birds have predators, and our range of feeders and nesting boxes have been designed to allow the right size birds in safetly whilst preventing attact from the much bigger birds or squirrels.

    This makes a much safer environment for the little ones and a really great visual spectacular when all the birds are feeding happily. 

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  • Pavilion Bird Feeder

    Happy customers...

    Even happier birds...

    In this immaculate garden in Wrexham the owner required our Pavilion Bird Feeder to be perfectly positioned, in both aspect and distance, from his armchair in the conservatory. We obliged with a stainless steel stanchion mounting. Spot on !!


BOX IN Glass Reinforced Plastic

Swift (Apus apus)‚Äč Photo courtesy of ©Billy Lindblom.





Each nest box is hand laid up in Glass Reinforced Plastic here in Wales by craftsmen with swift nest boxmany years experience to a finish second to none.

There is no need for maintenance because these nest boxes are impervious to all extremes of weather. The materials are Ultra Violet resistant and will not crack in very cold weather. Once a tree is cut down it begins to decompose, so why make a nest box from a decomposing material? You know it will have a very limited lifespan. When one of our nest boxes goes up on a building, it stays there! We took advice on the basic design of this nest box from Edward Mayer in order that we got the volumetrics correct and the entrance hole dimensions spot on etc. Latterly we have received good advice from Dick Newell of Action for Swifts on the question of concave nesting trays and so we offer both elliptical nest trays or 10cm round ones which he has proven to be successful. We do listen! Also we are developing a GRP canopy for use in very hot countries such as Israel and other Mediterranean countries. The basic dimensions are 300 mm long x 200mm high x 200mm deep for each nesting apartment. The elliptical entrance hole into the vestibule is 60mm long by 28mm deep and is made of 14 hardwood ply and emulates a natural tree ring hole. The primordial attraction as it were. The entrance hole has a 30 degree down angle to facilitate the Swifts upward flight approach to it's nest site.

swift nest box easy installIt is well known that installing nest boxes high on a wall can require circus training for the balancing act to be performed to the expectations and delight of onlookers! When they are heavy nest boxes (not mentioning any names) the problem is amplified. Our nest boxes are considerably lighter than others but even so the four, six and eight apartment versions start to weigh somewhat. We had to have a fresh look at the problem and think a little outside the box as it were. The solution is very simple. We supply a pair of very rugged stainless steel hanging
brackets which are screwed right into the masonry before the nest box even goes up a ladder!

NO balancing act required as you attempt to line up screw holes. Then you simply carry the colony nest box up the ladder and HANG it onto the two stainless brackets positioned in alignment at either end. To lock the nest box in place there are two stainless steel securing brackets underneath the nest box to ensure it cannot ride upwards and off the two hanging brackets.

What could be more simple or safe? The pulling down of the nest box onto the hanging brackets and the tightening of the securing brackets exerts a pressure onto the rubber seal which circumscribes the entire rear of the colony nest box, thereby weatherproofing it.
The cost of a single nest box is £50, there are cheaper wooden ones but the longevity we offer makes economic sense. A double nest box is £90. A quadruple colony nest box (as in the picture) is £160. A six apartment colony nest box is £220 and the eight apartment version is £250. Real value for money when you consider the cost of these materials and the craftsmen hours applied. Whatever your wall area available, you can tailor make whichever length of Colony length best fits. A 20% deposit with your order is appreciated and carriage costs are extra.We are also at your service for the colour of nest boxes that best blend in with your property ie,Brick red or Off White for rendered walls.

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