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    Hand made nesting boxes and feeders

    We Hand make all our bird feeders and nesting boxes.

    Our bird boxes and feeders are designed for the whole range of birds, and will protect the young from all predators keeping them safe and warm in their formative days. 
    No other box on the market offers such protection and guarantees.

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  • Bird box on house wall

    Easy to install...

    Home, garden or woodland 

    The unique design of our nesting boxes and bird feeders makes it easy to install on the side of your home, or against trees and posts or anywhere else you can think of putting them.

    All our nesting boxes and feeders come with screws to fix to wall or tree.

    The larger feeders and boxes can be purchased with optional stands and posts.

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  • Bird feeder and enclosure

    Ultimate security...

    Protection from predators

    All birds have predators, and our range of feeders and nesting boxes have been designed to allow the right size birds in safetly whilst preventing attact from the much bigger birds or squirrels.

    This makes a much safer environment for the little ones and a really great visual spectacular when all the birds are feeding happily. 

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  • Pavilion Bird Feeder

    Happy customers...

    Even happier birds...

    In this immaculate garden in Wrexham the owner required our Pavilion Bird Feeder to be perfectly positioned, in both aspect and distance, from his armchair in the conservatory. We obliged with a stainless steel stanchion mounting. Spot on !!

SPOTTED FLYCATCHER (Muscicapa striata)
box2Small open fronted nesting box no. 2
• 16cm in height
• 12cm wide
• 13cm deep
• Capacity 2.11 litres


spottedflycatcherNesting requirements for this bird are somewhat similar to those of the Robin, namely a nest box behind a creeper plant fixed to a wall is ideal for this little fellow. The emphasis is on well-hidden because, again, they prefer the open fronted nest box which is vulnerable to Magpies, cats and squirrels (not to mention Jackdaws, rooks, Jays and Weasels).
Again, like Robins, we supply a piece of 50mm chicken wire and some saddle staples for you to create an extra dome of protection around the nest box to keep out the bad guys!
The nest box should be placed about 3 to 4 meters high on a tree with some overhang on a wall as described. Also notable is the preference of this bird for an open area in front of their nest site so they can see their prey in flight eg. Flies and other airborne insects. Finally I must add that the SPOTTED FLYCATCHER is a RED LISTED protected species and therefore if we are in a position to find a nest site suited for them then let’s do it!