• Bird feeders and nesting boxes


    Hand made nesting boxes and feeders

    We Hand make all our bird feeders and nesting boxes.

    Our bird boxes and feeders are designed for the whole range of birds, and will protect the young from all predators keeping them safe and warm in their formative days. 
    No other box on the market offers such protection and guarantees.

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  • Bird box on house wall

    Easy to install...

    Home, garden or woodland 

    The unique design of our nesting boxes and bird feeders makes it easy to install on the side of your home, or against trees and posts or anywhere else you can think of putting them.

    All our nesting boxes and feeders come with screws to fix to wall or tree.

    The larger feeders and boxes can be purchased with optional stands and posts.

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  • Bird feeder and enclosure

    Ultimate security...

    Protection from predators

    All birds have predators, and our range of feeders and nesting boxes have been designed to allow the right size birds in safetly whilst preventing attact from the much bigger birds or squirrels.

    This makes a much safer environment for the little ones and a really great visual spectacular when all the birds are feeding happily. 

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  • Pavilion Bird Feeder

    Happy customers...

    Even happier birds...

    In this immaculate garden in Wrexham the owner required our Pavilion Bird Feeder to be perfectly positioned, in both aspect and distance, from his armchair in the conservatory. We obliged with a stainless steel stanchion mounting. Spot on !!

july 2017

The biggest problem with wooden nestboxes is that they are very easy for the Woodpecker to break in and kill the little birds or chicks inside making a nice little meal for the Woodpecker but devastation for the Swift family. Read Here for our solution to this age old problem. 

June 2017

We have been busy making new box designs for the Swift, read a quick report HERE  

May 2017

The Human Debt to our Birds

So, you ask, what is it exactly that we owe the birds? In short we pinched great big chunks of their habitat in the British Isles over the last two centuries and we did it in three main ways. The Industrial Revolution was voracious with its appetite for raw materials and our natural deciduous trees were ravaged at that time culminating with the First World War which resulted in our tree coverage of land area down to 3%. Secondly mature woodland has been decimated over the whole period, in order to build our houses, connecting roads, motorways and related industrial infrastructure for our burgeoning population. Finally, we have, and continued to clear natural avian habitat for our insatiable need for more arable land to feed ourselves.

There are over twenty species of hole nesting birds common to us in these British Islands. Their natural nesting hole sites were mainly provided by the mature deciduous trees such as oak, ash, elm, beech and sycamore. Also to a lesser extent the coniferous stalwarts, the Scots and Corsican pines. These hole sites are naturally formed very incrementally when a branch is broken off as a young tree grows. Then the stump of the branch gradually rots back to the tree trunk, where a natural ring begins to form incrementally with each year’s growth. (We emulate this natural tree ring/hole on every one of our nest boxes to stimulate a real attraction for the birds) Eventually the old branch stump rots back through the ring and forms a cavity inside the trunk of the now mature tree. That takes more than a hundred years. Thus the dilemma becomes clear to us.

We and our forebears share this DEBT to the birds, we are all guilty as it were. Yet, it is well within our capability to redress what we owe if we have the individual desire to do so. Nest boxes ARE the answer. Longevity built in, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), lifetime guaranteed. Unlike wooden nest boxes which are rotten within five years. There are two main places to install nest boxes in order to significantly improve the breeding prospects of our birds.
No 1, On your house, on your factory, on your public buildings and offices. Please bear in mind that modern buildings are void of any HOLES so a nest box will remedy the problem immediately!
So start at home and take ACTION. Individuals make a difference and governments don't.
No 2. On any immature tree in your garden or lands that you may own. Do remember that food for the birds is often plentiful in immature woodland but they cannot wait for a hundred years for a nest site! Another potential habitat for the birds which is crying out for ACTION are all the immature trees lining the sides of our motorways. Their raison d'etre is to stop side wind effecting high sided vehicles but is it such a quantum leap for someone in authority to spot the obvious opportunity to help the birds with some nest boxes? Surely it would be paying back a little to the birds to compensate for all the habitat we've stolen to appease the god motorcar. I am not holding my breath for anyone in authority/politics to grasp such a vision. What I do believe is that individuals are both capable of clear VISION and the physical ACTION to see it become reality. It is up to us.

Len Haworth.

Our new display is coming along nicely.....

Impeckable bird nesting box display